Lime Application

  • Neutralizes soil acids and raises the soil pH for optimum turf growth.

Grub Control Application

  •  Will minimize feeding damage and reduce fall lawn repair concerns.

Flea and Tick Applications

  • Involves four separate applications
  • The first application reduces active fleas and ticks. Each additional application is necessary for the continued control as eggs hatch later on.  

Aeration and Overseeding

  •  Core aeration is removal of cores of soil from the existing lawn. 
  • Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into the existing turf.

Slit Seeding

  • Our premium service where a machine cuts slits in the soil into which turf seeds are sown.

Fungicide Application

  • Will treat brown patch lawn disease and other lawn fungal problems.
  •  Look for thin, irregular white, yellow, or brown patches. The patches could be irregular-shaped splotches or rings. You will likely see the soil through the grass, which will look frayed. The patches will likely continue to grow in diameter over time.