Irrigation Systems technology has come a long way from its early days, when installers dropped pipe haphazardly into the ground, figuring that spraying large volumes of water around would make up for a hit-or-miss installation. Today, we know that water is a precious resource, requiring careful management. A modern irrigation system with precise hydraulic calculation, accurate water disbursement and detailed programming will protect your landscape investment while conserving resources. A properly coordinated lawn irrigation system with quality components can cost more up front, but pays for itself in reduced maintenance and water costs in a few short years.


 When opening your system we will set your controller, activate all zones, check and adjust all sprinkler heads and test any drip tubing (if applicable). If needed, we will perform any minor repairs at that time


 Your sprinkler system needs to be winterized before the cold weather comes to prevent the water inside the system from freezing and cracking the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads. Because the repairs from freeze damage can be very costly, we recommend that you have your system winterized by a NJ State licensed irrigation professional. Our appointments for winterizing are made the same way as service and repair appointments.


The most important part of installing sprinkler systems is the design. Even with the best quality parts and expert installation, a poorly designed sprinkler system will not water efficiently or protect your landscape. When Terrific Turf designs a sprinkler systems, we consider a number of important variables. Lawn areas have different watering requirements than flower and shrub beds. Shady areas need far less water than sunny ones. Trees take a tremendous amount of water and will draw from your lawn and bed areas if they need it. Many different types of sprinkler heads can be selected to satisfy a variety of watering needs. The water pressure on your property will also affect the design of your sprinkler system. It will determine how many sprinkler heads can be put on each zone, and in turn, how many zones your property will need to properly water everything. The finishing touch on your new sprinkler design is an easy-to-use timer that will make operating your sprinkler system a snap. A rain sensor will be installed to prevent the system from watering after it has rained. A Well designed sprinkler systems allows you to enjoy years of convenient and efficient watering.