Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Fertilization and Weed Control Program


Round 1:  Early Spring
Our first visit promotes early spring greening and recovery from winter stresses.
Weed Control and crabgrass control are applied, weather permitting.

 Round 2:  Spring
We’ll care for your lawn’s need for extra nutrients with this visit. This visit also
improves you lawn’s color and density. We will also take care of existing weeds, and
crabgrass control will be applied as necessary.

 Round 3:  Early Summer
Summer conditions can stress your lawn. We’ll fertilize your lawn now to prepare it for summer ahead. We scout for problems and treat surface-feeding insects and weeds if necessary. (Disease and subsurface insect controls are not guaranteed as part of our normal service visits.)

 Round 4:  Late Summer
We continue to care for your lawn by applying our summer fertilizer program to maintain color without pushing growth. Your lawn care specialist will personally inspect your lawn and treat weeds if needed. If grubs are present in your area, we’ll advise a control option for you.

 Round 5:  Early Fall
Our early fall fertilization will help your lawn recover from the stresses of summer. We will also provide insect controls and weed controls as necessary.

 Round 6:  Late Fall
We’ll fertilize to help thicken your lawn and encourage new root growth. We will continue to scout for insect and weed problems and treat as necessary.

Round 7: Winterizer
A dry granular treatment of a complete fertilization for improved root growth and density.